Fandabby Hero

Like to talk or blog about Mental Health? Well, this might be of interest to you. Fandabby Hero is Fandabby’s very own Ambassadors program – coming highly requested from both the mental health community and bloggers!

What does a Fandabby Hero do?

A Fandabby Hero gets the word out about Mental Health and Fandabby on social media and offline. You’re not expected to do much, but you will be called upon when we launch new designs or marketing campaigns.

Should I apply?

Yes, everyone’s a Hero! However, we do highly recommend you to be over the age of 16. Being active on social media is also a plus!

How many followers do I need?

Numbers aren’t important. It’s you who is important!

What do I get?

 Fandabby Welcome Pack

 Showcase of you on social media

Guest Blogging Opportunities

See products before release date

Exclusive access to our Facebook Group