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  • Festive Delivery Dates

    We know this time of the year can be hectic, and for our printers it certainly can be a stressful time. So we thought we’d set out a timeline of dates which are the estimated latest you can place orders for festive orders. Remember we ship worldwide – mental health is a global cause! Africa & […]

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  • Fandabby Mental Health Warriors Mental Health Update

    You may or may not have noticed a huge inconstancy with Fandabby posting on social media the latter part of 2017 leading up to 2018 – even though Fandabby was still actively taking orders. With the sporadic posting of images to random posts and I began to notice how much this is affecting the Fandabby […]

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  • #UnmuteMentalHealth #UnmuteMentalHealth

    What is World Mental Health Day? The World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on 10 October every year, to support Mental Health and to help reduce stigma. This day provides a unique opportunity for people with mental health issues to talk about there advocacy, and what needs to be done to improve mental […]

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  • 20 Songs to Cheer You Up

    The power of music is known to change moods and improve the listener’s mental health. If you’re feeling down and want to cheer up, put on some tunes and have a little boogie. We’ve sourced 20 songs which will hopefully make your day better, and don’t forget to share your happy song in the comments […]

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  • How to Combat Stress

    We would all be lying we said we’ve never felt stressed. Nobody is immune to it in today’s digital and busy world. Whether it’s your job, your phone constantly buzzing or fifty unread text messages from the night before! Constant stress is not good for the human body. It can develop into anxiety and depression, […]

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  • Preparing for Therapy

    Many Fandabby Warriors have feedback to us about starting therapy. We understand the feelings and stigma attached to it. It can be a very emotional experience. It can be rewarding. But it can also be a very daunting experience talking to someone you have never met before. Below are some helpful tips to starting therapy […]

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  • Prioritize Your Wellbeing

    In today’s fast moving world we often forget about ourselves. We get lost in technology, jobs and stressing about silly little things. But we can change this by prioritising our wellbeing. By doing this we focus on ourselves again. 1. Start exercising ? Regular exercise can make transform our mental wellbeing. Get your endorphins moving. […]

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  • 10 Ways to Feel Better

    Possibly you've had your heart broken? Or you are going through a rough time. Or maybe it's just a bad day - we all get them, sometimes without any reason at all. Whatever the case you are not alone! Well, we send you loads of cuddles and you are reading the right article! You are [...] Continue Reading