• 10 Ways to Feel Better

    Possibly you've had your heart broken? Or you are going through a rough time. Or maybe it's just a bad day - we all get them, sometimes without any reason at all. Whatever the case you are not alone! Well, we send you loads of cuddles and you are reading the right article! You are [...] Continue Reading
  • Katy’s Mental Health Journey

    Hi, I’m Katy, I guess I’ve never been the best socially anyway but during my last year at Secondary School, everything got a whole lot worse. I slowly became anxious and was never in a good mood. Faking that I felt okay. I think what caused it was the potential for a huge change as […]

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  • Lewis’s Mental Health Journey

    It all started in college, whilst I was studying for my HNC Visual Communication degree. I found myself in a great class full of friends, the lecturers were great. It was just that, I was working myself overboard. With a full 9-5 college day, plus work afterwards. To help combat the fatigue, I would drink […]

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  • Emilys Mental Health Journey

    Below is Emily’s story!  I was diagnosed with depression when I was only 11 years old and I have struggled with it for these last 10 years. Over the last 10 years my anxiety and depression has taken over my life a good few times. I have had to quit jobs due to having anxiety […]

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