Mental Health Update

You may or may not have noticed a huge inconstancy with Fandabby posting on social media the latter part of 2017 leading up to 2018 – even though Fandabby was still actively taking orders. With the sporadic posting of images to random posts and I began to notice how much this is affecting the Fandabby community. What really caught my eye was Fandabby’s following and engagement dropping. It was depressing to watch after creating such an active and engaged community! I had to do something positive to change my life around for the better.

The Fandabby Brand has and always will be based on mental health recovery and wellbeing. However as a human, I had a duty to look after myself too, and that’s what I was lacking in the lead up to 2017. Every ounce of creativeness and time was being placed into Fandabby and #RemoveTheLabel. It was great for my brain at the time. However, it soon took a huge toll on my own wellbeing and recovery – something I strived to avoid starting Fandabby back in 2013. Having noticed my mental health deteriorating I felt like I needed a good stretch of time to really develop myself as an individual and divulge in self-care.

On 30/12/16 I decided to make 2017 ‘My Year of Recovery’, and this is a path I am still on but dedicating a year towards recovery really helped my mental health. I’ve developed new coping mechanisms to support my PTSD and Anxiety. My psychiatrist prescribed me Prozac (Fluoxetine) which in its self was a massive undertaking. It left me feeling very drowsy and forgetful, but I pushed through the side effects and I now feel it’s having a positive effect on my mental health.

In 2017 my self-proclaimed ‘Year of Recovery’ I began the daunting process of therapy – one step I knew which was mandatory to improve my wellbeing and mental health. It may sound stupid but 2017 really was ‘Year of Recovery’. It really is amazing what you can accomplish if you dedicate your mind to something so meaningful. By making my year more meaningful I created new opportunities and changed my life for the better. I now volunteer half of the week at two local charities and take trips far beyond what my Agoraphobia let me initially (like miles and miles!). It has been a real life changer and I feel like the old new me – life really can become special!

But now it’s 2018 ‘The Year of Development’, the year where I take everything I learned from 2017 and approach it in a controlling manner to develop a meaningful future. I don’t really know entirely where my future lays. However, I do know Fandabby is defiantly going to be apart of it. Mental Health is so important to me and should be to many others. Stigma still exists. People don’t know what lurks beneath the skull of the mind. In my case, there was a lot hidden from me with Dissociation playing a massive part in my mental health problems.

Thankfully everything is showing itself again and my mental health has vastly improved. I’m not saying my recovery has reached its peak. It’s always going to be a daily struggle, however, I imagine it’s going to be easier for me to concentrate on the things I love the most! – family, friends, and Fandabby!

I’m positive I’ve reached a positive point in my life where I can begin the Fandabby journey again. Adding more love and an extra loud voice to mental health but on a part-time basis. I’ve accepted Fandabby cannot personally be undertaken on my own. Fandabby needs assistance and love from others too.

A see so much potential letting others into the brand and I hope you will welcome them. I will be posting on social media and sending out a newsletter detailing volunteer opportunities I have created within Fandabby very soon. Let’s #RemoveTheLabel together and continue to adapt Fandabby into a mental health leading brand!

Fandabby as a company will be running exactly the same as before, with all ‘Your Donations’ being donated to our partner mental health charities. With volunteers working alongside me I’d feel more inclined to create even bigger and more ambitious products, alongside potentially taking Fandabby in new directions.

Finally, I would like to thank you for sticking around this long. I hope you now have a deeper understanding of why Fandabby has silent moments. I also would like to apologise deeply for not being able to post this blog post sooner, and masking my own struggles with a fake facade of positivity and colour. From now on it’s not about me – it’s about the community behind Fandabby which you are apart of!

Love, cuddles and smiles,

Thank you for Kayley from Wear Your Label for inspiring this post!

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