Phil Hill from High Wycombe, a volunteer for CALM, is on a mission to exclude fashion brands from using derogatory slogans against mental health.

Hill, 25 has convinced many major fashion brands to remove hurtful mental health slogans from t-shirts and other fashion merchandise. Just like the examples below “cute but psycho”.

After approaching brands Hill decided to publicly shame them by using social media. Hill saying  – ” SERIOUSLY!? The word Psycho AND Crazy. Could these be any more stigmatising!?!”.

Phil reached out to various clothing companies such as BooHoo, Redressed, Missguided, Save The People and Not on the High Street. Most have since removed the content.

Phil says the first company she contacted responded right away and removed the content with a sincere apology. However, she found some companies needed multiple prompts to remove the content.

Hill told HuffPost UK – “I definitely think we could use fashion to our advantage in order to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.”

Hill has also started a petition calling on companies to stop using mental health as a style statement.

Great job Phil! Keep up the great work, we love the work you’re doing!

Want to follow Phil’s journey? You can join her on her blog and follow Phil on Instagram 🙂


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