What is World Mental Health Day?

The World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on 10 October every year, to support Mental Health and to help reduce stigma.

This day provides a unique opportunity for people with mental health issues to talk about there advocacy, and what needs to be done to improve mental health worldwide. Every year a theme is set by the World Federation for Mental Health, for example, 2017s theme is “the workplace”.

Let’s change focus!

As much as Fandabby realises and celebrates this great day, we have another solution – Why not make every day World Mental Health Day! That’s 365 days worth of awareness, stigma-busting talks, and support for everyone which support mental health and deal with symptoms daily.

Fandabby is transparent and loves sharing mental health in a positive way. The world is a big place, with some people unable to access the internet. Mental Health stigma will not be abolished in one day.

Let’s help people #UnmuteMentalHealth with confidence, and #RemoveTheLabel together!

Share your Mental Health Journey!

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