Prioritize Your Wellbeing

In today’s fast moving world we often forget about ourselves. We get lost in technology, jobs and stressing about silly little things. But we can change this by prioritising our wellbeing. By doing this we focus on ourselves again.

1. Start exercising ?

Regular exercise can make transform our mental wellbeing. Get your endorphins moving. You can use Apps on your phone. Take up running or jogging. Buy a gym membership – even invite your friends or a family member for support. You can do it! Let us know how you get on. Sweat is a good sign. Make it a routine.

2. Eating Healthily ?

Bananas, Broccoli and Brazil Nuts just to name a few. Fruit, Vegetables and Nuts are great for our brains. Avoid eating ready meals. Cook from home. Remove unnecessary sugars from your diet. Avoid loads of salt. Transform your diet. We can almost guarantee you will feel better after eating better. Don’t forget to eat as many greens as possible! Feel all the new positive energy.

3. Meditate ✌️

Meditation changes the way your brain deals with stress, depression and anxiety – therefore making all your feelings fade away. We understand this idea is not for everyone. Sitting in one place can be very tedious when we feel anxious. However, try and learn to listen to the quiet. Try to understand the concept that our brains do no need constant use. Fade into a meditative state. We highly recommend you download an app called Aura for iOS and Android.

4. De-cluttering ☺️

You read right. De-clutter! The simple task of tidying up can give us a great sense of achievement. Go through your emails and delete ones you have read. Do your washing. Tidy your room. The list goes on. Let us know below what de-cluttering you have done recently.

5. Have a cuppa! ☕️

Whether it’s Camomile Tea or Decaf coffee, warm beverages help us to relax. If you are feeling brave go to a coffee shop – then you can maybe get a cheeky cake too!!

6. Ask for help ✨

Even if you are in control of your emotions and feelings sometimes having a family member or friend around can make us feel better. Talk to them about how you are feeling. They will hopefully listen. If this is not an option for you, be brave, approach a therapist or phone someone. We can help you find someone to talk to – Click here!

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