10 Ways to Feel Better

Possibly you’ve had your heart broken? Or you are going through a rough time. Or maybe it’s just a bad day – we all get them, sometimes without any reason at all. Whatever the case you are not alone!

Well, we send you loads of cuddles and you are reading the right article!

You are very worthy, lovable, and capable of achieving great things. Yes, being human can be difficult sometimes – but we all can hit a rough patch.

Right, let’s get you feeling better (even if it’s slightly better) with our 10 tips:
1. Read a book to distract your feelings and thoughts – you have made a great start simply by reading this article.
2. Put on a happy or funny movie. Everyone likes a laugh, but we are aware you may not feel like laughing. Challenge yourself.
3. Breathe Deeply. Four seconds in. Six seconds out.


4. Have a warm bath/shower
5. Go for a walk in the park. This will get fresh air into your lungs and into nature. (You can combine this tip with number 4 if you’re feeling rebellious).
6. Make yourself a hot beverage. Avoid anything with caffeine. A peppermint tea is highly recommended! Alternatively, have a drink of water.
7. Eat something nourishing – yes maybe some homemade soup? Come on you know you want to cook something. Try to avoid micro food. You’ll feel much better after making something!
8. Nap – we all love them. Just set a timer for 10-20mins, we don’t want you sleeping with your soup on the hob!
9. Remind yourself of happier times – look through old photos on your phone – try to avoid social media.
10. Write or type something down.
11. Yes.. okay we are rebels, but this is a very important one. TALK TO SOMEONE. We know it can be difficult. It can be anyone from your family member to your friend (even if they are imaginary).

We hope these tips help you. Comment below how you take care of yourself 🙂 We love having discussions.

Do you know someone who is having a bad day? Share this article with them, or phone them up and give them a big hug. Everyone has bad days. Let them know they are not alone.

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